The Granite Settlement team offers a full range of real estate title services for residential transactions. Our team of real estate and legal professionals brings decades of experience working with parties both locally and regionally. We work to smoothly walk you through when you are ready to close on your next home or sell your existing home.

Whether you are buying or selling, you can count on the extensive experience that our team brings in real estate, real estate law, finance and settlement processes. We will work to uncover any potential issues and develop creative solutions to proactively address any such issues to ensure the process is fast and efficient.

Working with Granite Settlement

Our experienced team of professionals are here to assist you with the following:

Existing open mortgages


Liens against the property






Records or previous owners or interest holders

Let us do the difficult work so you can focus on the occasion at hand. Our dedicated team will work through the following steps of the settlement process on your behalf.
Title search and examination
Through examination of public records, we will uncover any existing issues and work to provide a solution
Conduct the closing
We will guide you through the process of signing the deed and mortgage papers, paying closing fees and other activities necessary to close
Record your deed
Recorded through the relevant, courthouse post-settlement
Title insurance premium

We will ensure that the flat-rate premium is paid at closing and will take steps to ensure you are protected for as long as you own the property

Escrow services
Hold and provide regulation of funds held in escrow
Prepare closing statement
Determine and highlight your actual costs associated with the purchase
Liaison to all parties
We will work with all parties involved, which includes real estate agents for both sides, municipal authorities, your mortgage lender and other necessary parties
Disburse funds and documentation

We will ensure all funds are distributed to the proper parties and issue you your title insurance policy

Residential Real Estate Settlement. Pennsylvania